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For help in how to search this database, also see this help page. In general, ASASAís digital library is divided into collections as donated by accident investigators, aviation-related organizations, and persons, such as former faculty members at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, who accumulated materials on aviation safety and security. However, searching on specific topics using the search boxes provided on the pages linked to the main page will take you to any and every collection.

Here are some notes that may help you find what you need:

  • Dates have been entered into the database in the standard United States format of mm/dd/yyyy (one or two digits for month, followed by a virgule or slash, then one or two digits for day, followed by a virgule or slash, then four digits for the year). Where dates are searchable, it is in this format only.

  • All documents are in English unless otherwise stated.

  • Subjects are in a hierarchy that is evolving. There are six main headings, consisting of accident investigation techniques, aeromedical, airport & airway facilities, emergency, operations, and system design & engineering.

  • Ways of searching the information in the database are divided into "browse" and "search." "Search" is accomplished using the search boxes provided on the left side of pages following the main page. You may change "preferences" regarding which fields in the metadata (data about each document or folder) database to search using this link, but full text is always searchable using the large text box. "Browse" is accomplished using the folders to the right of the search boxes on pages following the main page, or by pressing the "browse" button inside the search box, which will also lead to topic folders. Within the folders, further topics are alphabetical.

  • The "accident reports" collection is specifically a group of reports from the US National Transportation Safety Board and similar governmental investigative groups in other countries empowered to investigate aviation accidents and incidents. Searching this collection through the "browse" folders following the main page will not bring results from other collections or investigations. However, searching using any search box on the left side will always bring results from every collection. In that case, the materials might not consist of official accident reports but might be other investigative materials, notes, litigation documents, or press coverage of accidents. The "browse" folders are organized by the nation that investigated and accident and prepared a report on it, which is not always the country in which the accident or incident occurred. For instance, if an aircraft registered in the United States crashed in Cuba, there will be a report filed under "US" as an investigating and reporting agency.

  • Results are presented in database format. "Preferences" about how results are displayed can be changed by clicking on "Preferences" in the search box on the left. You can also change the order in which your results are presented (usually ranked according to your search criteria) by clicking on the headings ("title," "subject," etc.) Your results will then be presented in alphanumerical order according to the information under that heading.

If you need help finding specific materials or specific topics, or you have found materials you need to examine or about which you need more information, please contact Archives personnel at prasasa@erau.edu for reference help. Consult our copyright statement for general information about our copyright policy, but if you need specific information about a particular document, you may contact us at that email address or telephone us at (928) 777-3949 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (Arizona) during the fall and spring semesters. Break, Holiday and summer hours vary; please check the ASASA web site for the these hours..

Materials that might be or are known to be copyrighted will subsequently be entered into the database using watermarks that will appear when downloading for printing occurs. If you need copies of this material for personal use, please contact archives personnel as above. In this case, or you have found descriptions of materials that we havenít yet digitized, we may be able to scan the document and provide an electronic copy for your personal use as long as you promise to obey copyright laws.

If you are the owner of the copyright in a document found in this database and wish us to terminate its dissemination on the Web, please email us with your request so that we can immediately comply with it. We have no desire to violate the rights of copyright owners and will remove materials on demand.

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